Most of the 3rd Grade curriculum is designed to introduce the students to a variety of metacognative skills and inquiry-based learning, leading to Problem Based Learning experiences. 
    An example project is listed below:
    The Problem

    You are a toy designer hoping to launch the next great toy that will be popular for years to come.  What direction should you take in the design of this toy, and why will children be drawn to it?
    Social Studies Science Math

    How do you come up with the “perfect toy”?

    Students will review the history and future of toys, and use that information to come up with a design plan for their own “perfect toy”.

    What types of toys are best to enhance child development?

    Students will examine the design of different toys to assess their ability to help children develop motor skills and thinking. 

    What toys / toy genres have sold the best recently and in the past?

    Students will consider the types of toys that have been popular.  Using this information as well as sales data, they will identify the factors that make a toy successful.

    Skills Skills Skills
    By using a knowledge board:

    Students will review web pages, articles, and info graphics focusing on popular toys (past and present)

    By using a knowledge board:

    Students will gather information pertaining to the design of children's toys.

    By using a knowledge board:

    Students will read and take notes about the popularity of different toys.

    Students will engage in group work and class discussion

    Students will participate in classroom discussion and collaborate with other students concerning the toy design and purpose.

    Students will participate in a class discussion on toy popularity trends.