• What Can You Look For When Reading?

    Authors put a ton of effort into their writing!  In class, we are analyzing author's craft.  Now you can do this at home (and you don't even have to ask a parent!).  Choose from the list below.  But beware!  We may not have covered every topic.  Have fun thinking about your reading!

    1. Character Trait & Evidence

    2. IMPORTANT character trait and evidence (how the trait is a barrier or a help)

    3. Importance of the setting (how it impacts the characters, sets a mood, or the like)

    4. Character Arc (how character changed)

    5. Prediction that is NOT answered in the text  

    6.  Author's Craft (the author uses figurative language, descriptive details, or anything else that adds voice to the text)

    7. Theme (What is the author trying to tell you about life? What is the message?)
    8. Symbol  (is there something that represents, or stand for something important) 

    You Can Also Look For These While You Read 
    8. Really Important Detail (or clue) 
    9. Conflict - Solution 
    10. Prediction(is it suspense?) - Outcome 
    11. Summary (a few bullets or just ONE)
    12. Show Don't Tell - How authors SHOW how a character is feeling

    13. Internal Thoughts - What a character thinks and what we learn about him

    14. !- This is Important

    15. ?- I have a question based on the text

    16.  Text to Self Connection (a similar experience to what you've read)

    17.  Text to Text Connection (you've read something similar in another text)

    18.   Text to World Connection (something like what you've read has happened in the real world)