• PE I.S. (Independent Study) (For LONG TERM Medical Students only)

    As a member of the PE I.S. program, you are expected to complete PE I.S. projects and assignments each quarter. Your work is expected to reflect a full quarter's worth of Physical Education classes (classes usually meet around 21 times in a quarter for a period of 42 minutes each class).
    This is the amount of time and work you should put into your project.

    For each quarter you are in the PE I.S. program, you must select one of the assignments from the list to the left, and complete ALL the requirements outlined. You must select a different project for each quarter you are in the program. Try to select a project you are interested in, and remember your completed project should represent a full quarter's worth of physical education classes.
    Your work is to be handed in on time. If you have any questions on any of the requirements of the PE I.S. program, please be sure to see me.

    Good luck in the program.
    Research Project

    For this project you are going to research and write a 5 page paper on a topic related to physical education that is of interest to you. The topic MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY MR. HEEDLES. Some examples of topics are listed below. If you think of a topic that is not on the list, please see Mr. Heedles:

    Paper Topics

    • Badminton
    • Softball
    • Basketball
    • Speed, Quickness, & Agility
    • Exercise to music
    • Speedball
    • Floor hockey
    • Step Aerobics
    • Strength Training
    • Table Tennis
    • Golf
    • Team Handball
    • Paddleball (Racquetball)
    • Tennis
    • Flag Football
    • Pilates
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Rugby
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Yoga

    Paper must include the following criteria:


    • Who developed this sport/activity?
    • Why was this sport/ activity developed?
    • Where was this sport/ activity originated?
    • Who were the first participants?
    • How has this sport/ activity changed?

    Current Information

    • How to play/ participate in the activity?
    • Diagram/explanation of the court/field markings
    • Are there any differences for how men and women participate?
    • Where could you participate locally in this activity?


    • Are there any potential dangers that may occur while participating?
    • How do we minimize risk?
    • What training / preparation is needed prior to participation?


    • What is needed to participate?
    • Where can you find the facilities needed?


    • Does a person have to pay money to participate?
    • How much money does equipment and participation cost?
    • Is their participation at the professional level?


    • Are a large number of people needed to participate?
    • How could the number of participants be modified?
    • Would this be considered a team or individual sport?  


    • What are the benefits of participation?

    After answering these question, you are required to answer the following opinion questions in complete sentences and paragraph form:

    1. List three modifications you would make to improve this sport or activity. Explain.

    2. What are the physical and emotional benefits of the game or activity?

    3. What impact, if any, does this sport or activity have on society today?

    4. Can this sport be considered a life-long activity? Why or why not?

    5. Who is a prominent person in the sport or activity today? Briefly describe their impact.

    Paper Layout

    • Double spaced
    • Font – 12
    • Font type – Times
    • Margins – 1 inch
    • Title page is attached, not a part of the 5 pages
    • Topic is approved by teacher
    • Opinion questions must be answered in complete sentences and in paragraph form.
    • Bibliography page must be attached, and is not a part of the 5 page requirement

    If you have any questions, please see Mr. Heedles.