• 5th Grade Music

    grade 5 music

    Fifth grade music brings an exciting year!

    The fifth grade usually attends a dress rehearsal at the

    Metropolitan Opera House.

    Students will be studying the opera with various

    classroom activities.  This year's opera trip will be on Monday, April 9th to see  Cendrillon by Jules Massenet . We will be traveling to the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan.  

    During the Fall & Winter the 5th Grade

    will have the chance

    to perform in a musical. This year's  play will be 

    announced this month.  STAY TUNED!!!!

    Students learn all aspects of

    performing and putting on a musical.  This study begins

    begin in late September and continues throughout February.   The Grade 5 musical will take place on Wednesday, February 7th and Thursday, February 8th at 9am and 7pm.  The snow make up date will be on Friday, February 9th. 
    After the play fifth grade students are invited to participate in the select chorus.  This chorus meets once a week during the school day and we focus on developing vocal skills through use of solfege, rounds, two part singing and sight reading.  The chorus will participate in the final vocal concert of the year.  This year's select chorus concert will be held on Thursday, June 7th at 9am. 

    Throughout the year we incorporate the following

    musical practices into our classroom:


    - Opera Unit Study- Cendrillon - April 9, 2018 PTA Opera Trip

    - Music reading, ear training and singing skills by incorporating the use of solfege and Kodaly


    - Composer study and listening


     - Incorporating instrument performance, movement, and singing skills through the use of Orff Instruments and practice

    - Use of improvisation on voice and instruments

    - Appreciation of America's own musical heritage and it's relation towards our  history

     - Student response and analysis to selected musical works

     - Introduction to Musical Theatre

    - Student also have the option to participate