• 4h Grade Music

    grade 4 chorus
    Fourth Grade is an exciting year in music, because we continue to build upon the rhythmic and note reading skills that were touched upon last year in Grade Three.  Students will use a variety of Orff Instruments as well as melodic exercises in order to enhance their knowledge of working with rhythm and tonal patterns.  The use of solfege is incorporated as well into lessons and songs performed in class. Students will also have the chance to continue their work on the recorder during this year.  They will work on developing new notes to their recorder playing skills. 

    In addition to this students will be listening and analyzing compositions from composers
    such as Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.
    They will also have the chance to learn about folk music and its connection to American history.

    All Fourth Grade students are involved with the Fourth Grade Chorus.  We perform one concert a year in December. This year's concert will be held on Tuesday, December 19th at Garden City High School.