• Book Log #1 due 10/1/21


    Book Log Questions


    1.    Does this book remind you of another book you have read? In what ways are the 2 books similar? In what ways are they different?


    2.    Select a character from this book. Pretend that you are that character and tell how you would have done something differently.


    3.       Make a prediction about what will happen to one of the characters (in a later book).


    4.   Describe a place in this book that you would like to visit. Why?


    5.   Describe something that happened in this book that you would like to happen to you.


    6.   Describe 1 important decision that a character had to make.


    7.  What have you learned from this book?


    8.     Which character in this book would you not want to be? Why?


    9.    Tell about a character in this book that you would want as a friend. Why would you want to be his/her friend?


    10. Write a letter to your friend. Tell your friend why s/he should read this book. (The entire LL could be in letter form).


    11. How did this book make you feel? Why?


    12. Which character in this book would you like to be? Why?


    13.  Did anything that happened in this book remind you of something that happened in your life? Explain.


    14.   Describe one of the problems in this book. Tell how it was solved.


    15.      How does the author set the mood of the story? Do you think it is effective?


    16.  Describe your favorite character in this book. Tell why this character was special to you.


    17.        Make up ten open-ended (CAN NOT BE ANSWERED IN ONE OR TWO WORDS) test questions for this book.


    18.  Think of a different way to end this book. What changes would you make?


    19.        What questions would you like to ask the author of this book? Why?


    20. Describe one important thing that happened that could happen in real life.

    21.   Describe a present that you would buy a character from this book. Why would you choose this gift?

    22.  Write a response to literature for this book.
    23. What would you ask one of the characters in this book? Why?

    24.  Why do you think that the author wrote this book? What message do you think the author wanted to tell you about life?