After reading your book, choose a question from your list that you would like to answer. (It may be a good idea to preview the questions while you’re reading so you may gather all the details from the story to help you fully develop your answers.)

    You may choose to type and hand in your book log on Google Classroom or neatly write your book log on looseleaf to hand in to me.


    Please follow the outline below:

    1. Introduction Paragraph:       
         -Name the title and author of the book. 
    -Give a brief summary of the plot (focus on the story’s  
    main problem and how it was solved).
    -Use the "Summary Graphic Organizer" that is uploaded onto Google Classroom to help you organize this paragraph


     2. Body Paragraphs:   

          The body paragraph(s) is where you will answer the question you chose from the list.  Be sure    
         that your answer is well-developed using strong examples and at least 3 supporting details from the    

     3. Conclusion Paragraph:   

          Sum up your book log.  (You may even choose to share your opinion about the book).                                                



    • Plan ahead.
    • Read at least 30 minutes a day.
    • Use a graphic organizer to plan your rough draft.
    • Re-read, revise, and edit before writing your final copy.
    • Ask your teacher any question you have BEFORE the due date!