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    2022-2023 Garden City Middle School Physical Education Requirements


    • All students must wait to enter the gym until their teacher is present.
    • Equipment set out in the gym is not to be touched by students until permission is given by the teacher(s) in charge.
    • No student may leave the class, gym or locker room areas without permission from their teacher.
    • When going out to the fields or coming back into the building, please be sure to stay out of the parking lot and not to disrupt any of the other classes.
    • If you see something that does not look safe or if you have a question about something please be sure to bring it to your teachers’ attention.
    • Students are required to dress in appropriate attire consisting of a T-shirt, athletic shorts or sweats and proper athletic footwear.
    • Attire should be in good taste with no offensive or inappropriate sayings or symbols.
    • Classes may be held outdoors in the fall, winter and spring (weather permitting). Be prepared daily with a jacket, sweatshirt and/or sweatpants
    • Hats may not be worn during class.
    • Any student who is unprepared will lose full credit for the day (10 points).  A 5 point written assignment that must be completed during the period will be given to them by the teacher. He/She will have 2 weeks from the date of infraction to makeup the remaining 5 points.


    • Three unexcused lateness’s will result in a detention
    • Students who are illegally absent from class will lose 10 points and may these points are unable to be made up.  Disciplinary action will also take place.


    • Medical Excuses must be documented by a physicians note.
    • Any injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during the class period so the proper action can be taken.
    • Medical notes should be handed to the school nurse prior to class (not during class time).
    • The student must report to all physical education classes. Any missed classes will be considered a cut.
    • Students who are on a medical leave may not participate in sports or intramurals.
    • Students who are medically excused will need to complete a written assignment during the period in order to receive credit.  The assignment will be given to students by their assigned teacher.



    • Students are not permitted in the locker rooms during the school day. 


    Grading Criteria


    Quarterly Points

    Personal Social Responsibility

    Students must demonstrate positive displays of social and interpersonal skills such as honesty, courtesy, cooperation, good sportsmanship, and respect for themselves, others, equipment, as well as the importance of physical education. Students will be held accountable for their own work, actions, and behavior.  They must exhibit the ability to work independently and remain on task.  


    Overall Improvement

    Students are assessed on a daily basis on overall physical and cognitive improvement. They will be evaluated and tested on their personal best performance and not measured against their peers.  No points will be deducted unless students are not improving due to lack of effort or poor attitude. 


    Participation and Effort

    Students are expected to participate with maximum effort to the best of their ability.  If a student is participating with outstanding effort on a consistent basis he/she can earn extra points.  Loss of credit would include lack of effort during warm up, lesson focus and lesson activity.  If the student continuously must be told to participate he/she will lose credit for the class.


    Preparation  and  Attendance

    Students are required to be on time to class wearing the required attire as mentioned above. If a student attends without the required PE attire a warning will be issued with possible loss of credit. If the student is unprepared and cannot participate they must make up the class. 


    Content                  Knowledge

    Skill                Assessment

    Students will be assessed on their cognitive knowledge through the use of tests/quizzes, presentations, research, homework assignments etc. Additionally, students will also be evaluated on their skill application and strategy. 





    • Students will receive a pass/fail grade at the end of each quarter. A grade of 65 and above is considered passing. 



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