The Department of World Languages believes that the primary goal of second language learning is the achievement of functional communication in the context of the target language culture.  Language learning is also an invaluable asset to students who will be taking their place in the world today.  To achieve this goal, the aim of the department is twofold:


    1.   To teach students the necessary skills for effective communication in the foreign language via the modes of language learning: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational (listening, speaking, reading and writing.)

    2.   To provide students with the insight into and appreciation of the foreign culture in order that they become more informed and understanding citizens of the world.


    Students entering the sixth grade will choose a language of their choice: German, Italian, and Spanish. Since this is an immersion course which meets every other day, the language acquisition skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing will be emphasized. 


    As the students move from sixth to seventh grade, they will continue with the World Language, which was studied in the sixth grade. Students must complete a two year sequence;that is, studying the language of choice each day at the middle school level for two consecutive years- seventh and eighth grade. At the end of eighth grade, students must take and pass the FLACS Checkpoint A Examination, which is comprised of material from both the 7th and 8th grade. Middle school students must pass both the7th and 8th grade course, as well as the FLACS Checkpoint A Examination to obtain one (1) World Language high school credit. As these courses provide students with 1High School credit, the final 8th grade average and credit appears on the students’ High School transcript and will be included in the student’s High School GPA.


    Please Note: It is important that the language of study is carefully chosen and that the student has interest in the language. Students should remain in the language that they choose in the sixth grade through the eighth grade.   As per the NYS Education Department,“changing a language is not advisable since the student might suffer academically crossing from one language to another. Students who successfully pass a language course with a 65% or higher may NOT repeat the course. They must advance to the next level of study. 


    The Language Department is looking forward to your child’s success in World Languages!