Below are typical World Language course selections for each grade. Students may move between levels based on their performance, skills, and prerequisites. Please contact the 6-12 curriculum coordinator if you have any questions. 


    It is strongly suggested that a student take at least4(optimally 5) years of the same World Language in order to ensure that he/she has met the requirements for college admission and to compete in a globalized society. Many colleges may also require students to take a World Language at the college level.


    Language Options:  German, Italian,Latin, Spanish


    *As with any Honors Program,please be advised that these are rigorous courses.              


    Grade 8

    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

              Grade 12


    German 8


    Italian 8




    Spanish 8


    German 2 R or 2H*


    Italian 2R or 2H*


    Latin 1R or 1H*


    Spanish 2R or 2H*


    German 3R or 3H*


    Italian 3R or 3H*


    Latin 2R or 2H*


    Spanish 3R or 3H*



    College German 4


    College Italian 4


    College Latin 3


    College Spanish 4


    College German 5


    College Italian 5


    College Latin 4


    College Spanish 5