Please Note:  We offer College level courses to seniors via St. John's University College Advantage Program.  You may find information about these courses via the links (College Courses and Course Offerings) on our department homepage.

    Language Options:  German, Italian, Latin, Spanish


    Grade 8

    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

              Grade 12


    German 8


    Italian 8




    Spanish 8


    German 2 R or 2H*


    Italian 2R or 2H*


    Latin 1R or 1H*


    Spanish 2R or 2H*


    German 3R or 3H*


    Italian 3R or 3H*


    Latin 2R or 2H*


    Spanish 3R or 3H*



    College German 4


    College Italian 4


    College Latin 3


    College Spanish 4


    College German 5


    College Italian 5


    College Latin 4


    College Spanish 5




    *As with any Honors Program,please be advised that these are rigorous courses.