• Developing Writing Tools


    "When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into writing. "

    Enrique Jardiel Poncela


    A well organized essay consists of the following components:

    The Introduction: A good opening paragraph captures the interest of your reader and tells why your topic is important. It provides some background information about the topic. These few sentences can lead the reader to the thesis. The thesis statement is the main idea of the essay. A good thesis statement will help your essay and give it direction.

    The Body: The writer develops ideas that were presented in the introduction. Each body paragraph has a main idea, which leads the reader to the final stage of the essay.

    The Conclusion: This section brings closure to the reader and sums up the ideas presented in the body paragraphs. It restates what is said in the introduction. The conclusion needs 3 or 4 sentences.


    Good Writing Traits:

    Six Traits of Good Writing


    1. Ideas and Content

    ideas are interesting

    ideas hold the readers’ attention

    ideas are clear and focused

    ideas have main ideas that stand out

    ideas have details that strongly support



    2. Organization

    the order and structure are strong

    they move the reader easily through the writing

    strong introduction paves the way

    clear conclusion ties ideas together

    smooth transitions

    details properly placed to support main ideas



    3. Voice

    shows a deep sense of involvement with the topic

    effective level of closeness vs. distance depending on topic and mode

    strong sense of audience and purpose

    true personality rings through

    uses humor, suspense, or outside sources as needed



    4. Word Choice

    words chosen to communicate the ideas are interesting, accurate, and

    natural sounding

    fresh, original expression

    words chosen are lively and add to readers’ interest and enjoyment

    words chosen get noticed, but in a natural, non-interruptive way

    slang, if used, works well for a clear reason



    5. Sentence Fluency

    smooth and natural flow

    sentences are varied in length and structure

    easy to read


    dialog, if used, is natural-sounding



    6. Conventions

    mastery of standard writing conventions:







    conventions successfully used to enhance readability and

    comprehension of ideas

    little or no need for further editing

    errors, if exist, do not interrupt the readers’ flow and understanding



    7. Citing Sources

    acknowledgement of borrowed material to avoid plagiarism

    proper paraphrasing of borrowed material

    proper punctuation of quoted material

    bibliography correctly formatted

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