Garden City Middle School 


    Dear Wrestler and Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expressing your interest in joining the tradition that is Garden City Wrestling.  Here at the middle school we are excited about the upcoming season. 

    The Trojan staff brings with it a strong tradition of hard work, dedication, and experience.  

    No prior wrestling experience is required. We only ask that you come eager to work hard every single day.

    Having all been student athletes we know the dedication and determination it takes to be successful in both school and athletics.  As a staff we are looking for young men who possess a diligent work ethic, dedication to their team and sport, and most importantly a positive attitude both on and off the mat. 

    Enclosed are your guidelines for participation in the upcoming season.  Please read them carefully and should you agree to follow all the guidelines, return this page signed by you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) to the coaches on the first day of practice.



    Wrestling Contract


    Every athlete is expected to attend practice everyday.  If an athlete is going to be late, or miss a practice, a note from a parent, teacher, or doctor is required BEFORE that practice or one day after their return.  If an athlete misses 3 or more practices for which they are unexcused (no note prior to practice or one day following return) he or she will have their parent(s)/guardian(s) contacted and may be dismissed from the team based on the coaches’ discretion.  An athlete MUST be at practice before the day of a match or they WILL NOT be allowed to participate in that match.


    During practice athletes are expected to wear proper attire.  This means they must be wearing sweats or shorts, a t-shirt with sleeves (no tank tops), headgear, and wrestling shoes.  Underwear and socks are also required.  Kneepads are optional but are highly recommended.  Any athlete who is not properly attired may be removed from certain parts of that practice.


    After school sports are a privilege not a right for every Student-Athlete.  All athletes on the wrestling team(s) are required to be passing all of their classes. If anyone is having trouble in his or her classes speak to your coach promptly so we may assist you to get back on track. All athletes are subject to the middle school athletic code of conduct.

    Personal Health, Hygiene, and Well Being: 


    Athletes are responsible to maintain a healthful lifestyle by eating well rounded healthy meals, getting adequate amounts of rest, and drinking plenty of fluids low in sugar.  No students should go to extreme measures to lose excessive amounts of weight.  There are NO weight classes in middle school wrestling.  


    As with any contact sport like wrestling cleanliness is very important.  Shampoos such as Selsun Blue or Denorex (anti-bacterial), and body bars such as Lever 2000 or Dial (anti-bacterial) can be quite effective at cleansing the body.  Athletes must take showers immediately after practice upon their return home; students will only wear wrestling shoes on the mat (not in the locker room), and never walk on the mat with your everyday running/walking sneakers.  Diseases such as athlete’s foot are present on many locker room floors, and that is why wrestling shoes should only be worn on the wrestling mat.  Athletes are required to clean their wrestling gear daily (shirts, shorts, underwear, socks) failure to do so will result in inability to participate.  Shoes should be cleaned every two weeks of straight wrestling.  Headgear should be wiped with alcohol weekly and wiped again with water.  Dirty practice attire should be taken home in a separate plastic bag; this will prevent it from contacting other materials that may harbor disease or bacteria (athletic bags, furniture, etc…).  Following these proper hygiene steps will help to keep disease from affecting our team and season.  


    Each student athlete is responsible for enhancing their own well being, as well as the well being of others.  Personal well being is achieved by feeding our bodies nutritiously, exercising regularly, and NOT participating in any of the following activities:

    ¨      Theft.

    ¨      Use of alcohol.

    ¨      Use of drugs.

    ¨      Possession or use of tobacco or tobacco products.

    Participation in any of the above activities may compromise your well-being and the well-being of others.  Any involvement could result in disciplinary action.