• Garden City Middle School Winter Track Team Expectations


    ·         To teach athletes the basics of track and field

    ·         To introduce middle school athletes to the techniques used by the varsity coaches

    ·         To help each athlete to find their best events

    ·         To increase your overall fitness and health



    ·         Practice is intense and athletes are encouraged to prepare mentally and physically for practice which includes eating a healthy food.

    ·         Practice will be from 3:30 to 5:00pm daily.

    ·         Athletes will meet in the cafeteria at promptly at 3:30pm for attendance.

    ·         Practice will be held weekly and on some Saturdays

    ·         Practice will not be held over the Thanksgiving or the Holiday break but athletes will be required to workout on their own.

    ·         Practice will be held outdoors or indoors depending on the weather.

    ·         You must be properly equipped in order to practice. You MUST have the following:

    o   Proper footwear: Running shoes

    o   Clothing: Workout clothes covered by a sweatshirt and sweatpants (hat and gloves if necessary)

    o   Hydration: You must supply your own water

    ·         You are required to have 15 practices in order to participate in a meet.

    ·         You are expected to attend and participate at EVERY practice.

    ·         If you miss a practice, you are required to bring a note from your parent/guardian explaining your absence.




    ·         Meets will be held outdoors under lights. Appropriate dress is required.

    • All athletes are required to ride the bus TO and FROM a game.
    • Athletes may leave the playing field with a parent/guardian if transportation was arranged PRIOR to the game.

    ·         Due to the size of our team we will have a traveling squad which will vary from meet to meet.

    ·         All athletes will be given an equal opportunity to compete at meets.



    ·         Practice: Weekday practices end at 5:00pm. Athletes will be picked up immediately after practice at the Cafeteria Entrance.