• Girls Middle School Soccer

    Player Evaluation Form







    below average


    above average


    Player is coachable, exhibits an ability to accept corrections and directions, cooperates, is a team player, and handles situations calmly




    Player is quick within short distances, can maintain game speed pace for a long duration and can accelerate from game speed for long sprints




    Player can dribble with eyes up, uses both feet, changes speed and direction


    Player knows how to drag back and turn, figure 8, and scissor cut


    Player uses laces to strike the ball cleanly, uses instep to make friendly passes


    Player can lift the ball in the air while moving to cross or shoot


    Player can lift the ball from a free kick position


    Player can protect the ball by shielding from a defender


    Player can take the ball out of the air with head, chest, thigh and/or foot to maintain possession or redirect to a teammate


    Player can throw the ball in


    Ball Handling


    Player knows when to move to open space to create a play or free up space, and can create opportunities for herself and others


    Player can strike a target (person, space or goal area) consistently


    Player can shoot a long strike or finesse within the box consistently


    Player sees the whole field and not just her occupied space


    Player can distribute the ball to her teammates successfully


    Player can breakaway while staying on sides and maintain possession


    Offensive Play


    Player can defend 1v1 consistently


    Player can play supportive defense against an attacking team and mark up properly


    Player can track the oncoming attack and adjust defensive approach


    Player is able to clear the ball out of the defensive zone


    Defensive Play


    Player is not afraid to challenge a 50/50 ball


    Player is not afraid to challenge an attacking player


    Player can develop a play sequence or combination


     Game Play


    Player has knowledge of game strategy and can apply tactics to different scenarios throughout the game.


    Player can adjust and adapt to create.


    Game Knowledge


    Score out of 100 _____