The middle school will field a seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) grade football team with separate schedules for each team.

    Middle School Football follows the New York State Public High School Association modified football program.  This means each team will play with two (2) squads within the team. Each game will consist of five quarters.  Team A (Red) will play quarters one and three, Team B (Gold) will play quarters two and four, the fifth quarter will be at the coach’s discretion.  There are also many rules for the offensive and defensive teams to have to comply with.

    Each team will have three full time coaches. Placement on a particular squad within each team will be based on matching the skill level best suited for a player’s present ability.  The rationale for this structure is two fold:

    1)      To reduce overmatching a player’s ability, thereby increasing the risk of injury and decreasing the possibilities for success; and

    2)      To improve the quality and effectiveness of instruction in the program, that is, getting the student-athletes to improve their football skills and team play. Listed below are the criteria for the basis of team placement.

    Individual Skills – Basic conditioning, running, cutting, falling, rolling, catching, throwing, line and backfield fundamentals, blocking, tackling techniques, ball handling.

    Team Skills – Team play leading to game situations, understanding the role of individual and team play and the ability to get along and work well with their peers.

    Learning Potential – Work ethic, individual and team responsibilities, attitude, coach ability, team spirit and determination.