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    Health is an important part of your everyday life.  Without our physical, mental and social health we would not be able to do many of the things we enjoy and are capable of doing.  It is important to learn, understand and participate in maintaining and improving our health so we can strive towards our fullest potential and happiness.

                Your health class will be exciting and interesting because it involves YOU!  Your participation and cooperation are essential and welcomed.  Below you will find a detailed explanation of what is expected in order to succeed in health class.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



                A notebook is required for this class.  A three ring binder is the preferred notebook in order to keep notes and handouts in order.    All of the material you will need for tests and quizzes can be found in your notebook so it is important to stay organized so you can study.  The notebook sections will include: notes/handouts, homework, unit tests, and current events.  Make sure you name and date everything.



    Class Participation:

                Class participation is an important part of health.  If you are not in class or if you are in class but not participating then you are not benefiting from the learning experiences that are taking place.  You are an important part of the class and in order for the class to be interesting, fun, and a learning experience, we need everyone to join in.  You may gain or lose class participation points which are based on: being involved in group and individual activities, being on time for class, and being prepared for class everyday.


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