• September

    9/3-9/4- Get Course outline signed

     * Mental Health- Goal setting, Time Management, Mindfullness

    HOMEWORK-  9/24 9/25 Due next class - Define 10 vocabulary words from your word search. 


     10/4- 10/7 - Heat Thump Homework

     Fitness Log Project due Nov 18/19



     Fitness Log Due- Nov. 18/19

     Copy and paste link into your web browser, http://choosemyplate.gov/supertracker-tools/daily-food-plans.html

    Right click on the words DAILY FOOD PLAN in the first sentence of first paragraph. Fill in the information for Age, Height, Weight, Gender, and Activity Level. Click submit. Print out your own personal daily food plan by clicking on the tab to right of the screen that says VIEW and PRINT PDF VERSION of YOUR RESULTS

    Nov.14-19- Fitness review Project Due


      7th grade Drug Review Sheet Answers

    Welcome to Health 7
    1/25- 1/26- Homework: Get Course Outline signed


    Homework:  2/27-2/28- Heat Thump 

    Project Fitness Log- Due April 5&6

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