• Book Suggestions for Parents

    Hannibal, M. E. (2002). Good parenting through your divorce.New York: Marlowe & Co. ISBN 1-56924- 555-X.  Covers parents' most commonly asked questions about raising children during the divorce process.

    Hetherington, E. M.,& Kelly, J. (2002). For better or for worse: Divorce reconsidered.New York: W.W. Norton. ISBN 0-393-04862-4.  Written for parents. This very readable book describes a multi-year study of many divorced families and how they adjusted over time.

    Neuman, M. G. (1998). Helping your kids cope with divorce the Sandcastles way. New York: Times Books.ISBN 0-8129-2902-0.  Written for parents. Provides a complete guide to helping children on their journey through the parent's divorce, including concrete information about how to handle issues and conflicts that come up at every stage of a child's development.