Independent Reading



    Oursecond grade students are still at an age when they are learning to becomestrong independent readers. Of course, such a skill takes time, growth and agreat deal of practice. Throughout the year, I plan to provide my students withplenty of time to practice, as they move toward becoming confident in theirreading skills.

    Partof this plan includes twenty minutes of daily reading at home every evening. Asindicated in the homework policy, the students will be provided with a readinglog to keep track of their progress. Under your supervision, your child maychoose any type of book they would like to read. It is important that thechildren are given time strictly for “pleasure reading,” and I encourage themto do so with this program. I will be keeping track of the time spent readingat home by rewarding each student with a sticker in his/her reading log foreach night of reading. In addition, each student will be required to complete abook project every other month (due dates to be announced).  As you will read in the pages ahead there isa selection of book projects to choose form in addition to a written summary. Thelinks below contain recommended books that you can choose from, but are notrequired to do so.

    Ifyou have any questions about the reading log system do not hesitate to contactme. I hope together we can encourage our students to have a love of reading.