• Banana Splits

    "Banana Splits" is a school-wide program that is offered to children at Stratford whose parents are separated or divorced. The program is designed to support these students with their academic, social and emotional adjustment. Children may benefit whether their parents have recently separated or have been divorced for many years.

    The program utilizes a series of small group discussions and age-appropriate,structured activities (games, role plays, etc.) to help children deal with the stressful transitions in their lives, learn to accept changes, realize that other children are in similar situations and have similar feelings, and develop coping strategies.

    The groups are run by the psychologists and/or social worker. Each session is approximately one-half hour in length, and are held at a time that is not disruptive to the instructional program (usually during lunch). The last session is usually in the spring and culminates with an ice cream party where the children make their own Banana Splits!

    If you are interested, and this group is appropriate for your child, please return the permission slip. Children are welcome to join the group at any point during the school year.