Homework Policy

    Homework is a very important part of your child’s learning experience. As I will stress with the students, my expectation for homework is that it is completed neatly and in a timely fashion. Below you will find the weekly homework schedule and the homework policy. All students will have their own spelling list, which will be chosen by the student from a class generated list. Each week a new spelling principle will be the driving force behind that list.


    Students will be given spelling, math and reading homework Monday through Thursday.

    Monday: Spelling words written three times each in the students’ best handwriting

    Tuesday: Spelling words written in alphabetical order

    Wednesday: Spelling words written in full sentences (the number of sentences will increase as the years goes on)

    Thursday: Study for the spelling test on Friday

    As stated above, a reading and math assignment would also be given each night. The reading includes the independent reading log, as well as reading comprehension practice (this may vary from evening to evening). The math assignments will reflect what we learned in class that day.

    Three unexcused missed homeworks will result in visiting the Homework Room during Recess. All missed homework must be made up the next evening.