• Next week, we will talk about your monthly book reports.  A schedule will be provided.  The first one will be due in October  Make sure that you are reading a book at all times.  Each night you should push yourself to read for 30 minutes.  Each week, you will be expected to fill out a reading log and bring it to school on Monday morning.


    After this week, your vocabulary test will be every Wednesday and your spelling test will be every Thursday. 

    Each Thursday night, put the finishing touches on your alphabet essay.  Please give me two copies if you are typing it.  If you are handwriting the essay, I will make a second copy at school.  When you bring in your essay, your planning page needs to come in, too.  There is a sticker for anyone who also shows me their draft!


    Wipes and tissues are always welcome.
    Things we are always collecting:
    unmatched winter gloves or mittens
    novels you no longer want
    pillow cases
    glass jars
    coffee cans