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    Ticket to leave: What would you like to learn in health this semester?  Problems in GCHS?

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       Mental and Emotional Health

    Getting to know you

    Speed Meet and Greet

    Get to know Me


     Current Events

    Sign into google classroom

    Explain Current Events

    Read p. 6-12
    Questions #1-5
    1/28 Mental/Emotional
    Social and Physical Health
    Mental Health Notes

    Mental Health Awareness Video

    Mental Health: In Your Own Words

    Mental Disorders
    Anxiety Disorders, Cognitive Disorders Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorder Mood Disorder, Factitious Disorder

    Personality Online Test

    Mental Disorders

    HW P507 Q1-5 & List 4 Mental Disorders you are interested in researching

    Types of Mental Disorders

    1/30 Google classroom

    Personality Answers Due Tomorrow Turn in on Google classroom

    Current Event #1 Due Tomorrow

    Mental Disorder Brochure
     Mental Disorder Brochure Rubric  

    Mental Disorder Brochure

    Google Classroom


    Brochure Due Tomorrow

     Print Rubric

    2/4 Mental Disorder Presentation  Mental Disorder Organizer  
    2/5  Peer Educator Presentation   HIV /AIDS  
    Eating Disorders Introduction
    How eating disorders affect the body. Causes, symptoms, treatments of eating disorders
    Body Image

    Body Image and Eating Disorder Notes

    The National Eating Disorders Association

    Click the link above help support individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

    2/7   True Life I have an Eating Disorder  

    Body Image 


     Write a letter to an individual you saw in True Life: I Have an Eating Disorder (Erin, Brian or Abby). In your letter try to summarize some of the dangers and negative aspects of having an eating disorder. Try to persuade them that the path they are following will not lead them to feeling better about themselves. Discuss some of the techniques or strategies that might help them



    Body Image Assignment Google Classroom


    Body Image Poster

       Current Event #3 Friday
    What is stress?
    What is a stressor?
    Coping with stress
    Reacting to stress

    Stress Notes

    Teen Stress Video

     Current Event #3 Due Tomorrow

    Dice Game

    Coping stress  Depression Notes

     Long Island Crisis Center
     Suicide Awareness 
     Current Event #4 Due Friday
    Mindfulness Workshop
    Stress Management Techniques    Calm.Com
    Mindfulness  Lumosity 
    Goal Setting Introduction
    SMART Goals

    SMART Goal Notes

    2/27 Rudy Achieving your goal  Current EVent #4 Due Tomorrow
    2/28  Library  Stress Reduction Stations  Stress Buster Due Monday 3/2
    3/2   LICC   Cyberbullying  
    3/3    Rudy  Explain Decision Making Project Google Classroom Kahoot Goal Setting Review  
    3/4    No Class    Parent Teacher Conferences  
    3/5 Mental Health Conference  Work on current event #5  
    3/6 Finish Rudy  Explain Decision Making Project

     Current Event #5 Due Monday

    Part 1 Decision Making Due Monday 

    Rudy Questions Due Monday

     DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) & Cyber Bullying

    Consequences for bullying in school
    How to recognize signs of someone being bullied.
     Bullied DVD  

    Dignity for All Students 

    Where to go to get help,

    Why you should speak up

    Text Poll Everywhere
    (The only class you are allowed to use your cell phone!!!)
     ​DASA Packet
    How can I as a student make this a safe place for my classmates and myself?

     Web Quest 

    Understanding Disabilities 

    DASA Fact Sheet

    DASA Bullying Notes

     Bullied Questions
    3/12   Learning to be sensitive to people with disabilities is an important part of tolerance toward others. 
    How tolerant are you toward people with disabilities? ​

    Understanding People with Disabilities

    3/13   Understanding Disabilities Group Poster Project  Classroom Project   
    Disability Organizer  
    3/17  Help you become more aware of and sensitive to the negative effects of Cyber Bullying  

        Cyberbully Questions 


     3/18 Finish Cyberbully 
    How can I keep myself safe in the cyber world? Setting up privacy 
    Pride for Youth Presentation
    Periods 1-5   
    Pride for Youth Presentation
    Periods 1-5
    Periods 6-9  


        Period 6-9   
      Mindfullness Exercise     
      Distracted Driving  
    Watch these two clips:
    Write a reaction to watching the videos. Share it with a driver at home and take the pledge

    Take Home Test Due 11/7

    Qtr Project Due 11/6

        NO SCHOOL 
    Election Day
      Fed Up lead us through this potent expose that uncovers why-despite media attention, the public's fascination with appearance, and government policies to combat childhood obesity-generations of American children will now live shorter lives than their parents did. Fed Up Questions  
      Fed Up    
      Fed Up    


    What is nutrition? What are calories? What influences teen's food decisions?
    What are the major nutrients?

    Pear Deck 

    Nutrition During  Teenage Years

    My Plate Organizer
      Nutrients Group Work Nutrient Organizer  Current Event 8 Due Monday
      Create a HEALTHY restaurant menu that represents the six nutrients. Menu should consist of healthy food, each containing the nutrients that we need in our body to function at optimal health.
    Nutrient Menu Assignment
    Google Classroom
      Nutrient Menu Assignment    
    Misleading food claims
    Reading Food Labels 
    Serving Sizes
    Calories from Fat/Protein/Carbs
    Misleading Food Claims Pear Deck
    Kahoot Nutrient Review Game
     2 Day food Record
    Food Label Quiz
     2 Day food Record

     Eat this not that

    Buzz in a Bottle

    Fast Food Facts

    The Dangers of Energy Drinks

    11/22   2 Day food Report

    Google CLassroom

    Current Event #9 Due Tuesday 

    2 Day Food Report Due Tomorrow

    11/25  Finish 2 Day food Report

     Current Event #9 Due Today


    Current Event #9 Due Tomorrow 

    2 Day Food Report Due Tomorrow

    11/26 Nutrition Guest Speaker

    Healthful Eating Presentation Day 1

    11/27 Nutrition Guest Speaker Healthful Eating Presentation Day 2  




     Juuling and Vaping

    Latest Research 

    Answer Questions in google classroom


    Why are cigarettes harmful?
    What are the main chemicals in cigarettes?

    How does tobacco use damages the nervous, respiratory,cardiovascular,digestive,and excretory systems. 
    How many people die from tobacco use?

    Tobacco 1 Pear Deck

    Tobacco Vocab

    Tobacco and Death 



     12/4  E-Cigarettes Group flipgrid project - FlipGrid - In your assigned group of three, design and shoot a 90 second video that will aim to educate young people about the potential dangers of vaping. Try to focus on a particular area that you think young people currently do not know. Do research first so that your video is educational, and try to design it to actually have an impact on teens.  
     12/5  Group flipgrid project

    Vaping 101: What to know about e-cigs, addiction and illnesses 

    12/6   LI TRIO Guest Speaker   Current Event #10 Due  

    How does tobacco use damages the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and excretory systems.
    Tobacco Class Notes

    Test Your Smoking IQ

    Smokeless Tobacco

    Click links that can help provide information for your research
      Sexual Assault  Caps Date Rape Presentation  
    Alcohol Profile
    Alcohol Circle
    Underage Drinking
    Fact Sheet Packet
    Pre/Post Test
     12/11  Alcohol Project

     Alcohol and the brain                                   Underage drinking and the law                         Alcohol related deaths on college campus             Binge drinking at special events                       Alcohol Poisoning
     Choosing not to drink
     Teen Alcoholism

    12/12 Alcohol Project     
    12/13  CVS Pharmacist  Danger of Prescription Drugs Current Event #11 Due Monday 
    12/16  Chris Genovese  Alcohol and Decision Making  Current Event due Today 
    12/17 Alcohol Google Slides Presentations

    Alcohol Day 1 Notes

    Alcohol Group Rubric 

    12/18 Alcohol Google Slides Presentations  What does alcohol do to the brain                       Short Term -  Long Term effects  
    12/19 Law and Order    Responsible  

     Drinking and driving    Finish Law and Order

    1/2 Girl Positive Girl Positive Movie Questions  
    1/3  Girl Positive    
    1/6 PEER Educators Presentation Period 3,4,5,6,7  

    PEER Educators Presentation

    Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Period 1,9

    The risks of STI's

    1/8  Healthy Lifestyle project    
    1/9  Healthy Lifestyle Project    
    1/10   Organizer    
    Addiction, Tolerance, Dependence
    Opioid Epidemic
    Marijuana a Gateway Drug


    TAKE Home Test Due 1/16 

    1/14 Prescription Drugs (Oxycotin, Vicodin) Painkillers, Inhalants, Steroids, Rophynol
    Ecstasy, Club Drugs Heroin

    Club Drug Notes

     Stimulants Notes  Inhalants

     1/15    QTR PROJECT DUE TODAY  
    1/17   LAST DAY OF CLASS    

























      Sun Safety


    District-wide Sun Safety activities at the schools in collaboration with the Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation: https://www.smore.com/6rbhz-sun-safety 

    What are the current laws regarding alcohol use?

    Underage drinking and the law
    ​Leandra's Law
    Social Host Laws

    Alcohol Laws Webquest


    Students will be able to expand their understanding of hate crimes and methods of eliminating hate in their community.

    Hate Crossing the line (Nassau County Police Dept) Hate Crime Worksheet