• Restaurant
    El Restuarante
    The Restuarant

    el desayuno - breakfast
    el almuerzo - lunch
    la cena - dinner
    el postre - dessert
    la comida - food/meal
    las bebidas - drinks
    el mesero - waiter
    el cocninero - chef
    el menu - menu
    la cuenta - bill/check
    la tarjeta de crédito - credit card

    Expected Outcomes
    Students will be able to state the vocabulary words for food and items typically found in a restaurant when given visual and aural cues.  Students will design a website for a restaurant in the Spanish speaking country of their choice.  This will include the completion of a breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, dessert menu, and drink menu all made up of typical food and drink.  They will inlcude a description of the restaurant and information about the waiters, chefs, and owner.  All work will be done in Spanish and students will publish their sites to be viewed by fellow classmates and other teachers.  The project is intended to reinforce learned vocabulary as well as technology skills and provide a cultural view of a country's cuisine.