• store
    Las Tiendas

    la frutería - fruit store
    la carnicería - meat store
    el supermercado - supermarket
    la panadería - bakery
    la pescadería - fish store
    la farmacia - pharmacy
    la gasolinera - gas station
    el almacén - department store

    Expected Outcomes
    Students will be able to identify/express the common stores listed above.  Students will be able to recall prior vocabulary and express both orally and in writing the things they buy in different stores.  Students will be able to express what is sold in various stores.  Students will be able to listen to descriptions of things sold in a store and determine which store it is.  Students will complete basic writing activities. They will also complete a group STEAM project in which they research a plaza typica of a given Spanish speaking country.  They will physically create a plaza based on their research playing close attention to common stores and architectural design.