• Leveled Book Lists

      These lists have been developed for two reasons:
    1. for parents who have requested help in finding books at their child's reading level.
    2. for teachers who have requested a leveled book list or have asked for help in their effort to build a leveled library in their classrooms.
    I have tried to keep the lists to books that may be available at the local library or at a book store. Teachers who wish to level books from puplishers such as Rigby, Celebration Press or Wright Group etc. can usually find levels for those books on the puplisher's website or in their catalogue.
    These lists are in alphabetical order by the authors' names and include two or three different sets of levels within each grade. Please remember that children learn at different rates for many different reasons. These lists are given as a way to choose books that will be at a child's level of development. Grade levels are not the important factor in choosing a book. You must start where children are and move from there because children, who are at the beginning stages of reading, need books that are "Just Right" . This list is not intended to limit children's reading. Children can still enjoy books at a challenging level, at a comfortable level as well as an easy level.
    Kindergarten Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four Grade Five Grade Six & up



    These lists will let you scroll through the titles of books by the beginning letter of each title.
    A & B C & D E & F G & H I & J K & L M & N O & P Q & R S & T U & V W & X Y & Z


    These lists will let you scroll through the authors of books by the beginning letter of each author.
    A & B C & D E & F G & H I & J K & L M & N O & P Q & R S & T U & V W & X Y & Z

    Many of the levels for these books have been included in books written by Gay Sue Pinnell and Irene Fountas, who are highly respected reading consultants in the eduacation field. Please understand the list is subjective and you should use your own personal judgement.I have included a "chart" that gives the spans that some consider appropriate for each grade.