• COURSE OVERVIEW - The goal of the course is provide students with a balanced portrait of the development of the United States. The course is broken into nine historical time periods;  

    Period 1: 1491-1607

    Period 2: 1607-1754

    Period 3: 1754-1800

    Period 4: 1800-1848

    Period 5: 1844-1877

    Period 6: 1865-1898

    Period 7: 1890-1945

    Period 8: 1945-1980

    Period 9: 1980- Present

    These time periods will be studied with an emphasis on historical themes designed to show the interconnectivity of the vast changes and developments that the United States has undergone.  In addition, this course will focus on historical thinking skills in order to help develop in each student the "habits of mind" embraced by historians. (For further explanation of these historical themes and historical thinking skills one can access the College Board AP US History framework or read the concise introduction found in the Amsco Review Book.)All students must sit for the AP exam given in May.  Students must also take the US History and Government Regents to satisfy the requirements for graduation.



                 -Textbook:Out of Many. Faragher et al. 5th edition.

                 -Amsco Review Book   *should be the 2018 version or later

                -internet access (Google Classroom will be used extensively for handouts and activities)

                -loose leaf binder for additional notes and packets/ handouts


               - a spiral notebook for notes and a folder for packets/ handouts

                      *(the binder works best for this course)


               a) Tests           (55%)

                           -full period exams ( any combination of Multiple Choice  or  Short Answer or Essay)

                           - the style of any make-up exams for a student who was absent on the day of an exam will be determined by the teacher and will not necessarily follow the format of exam that was missed.   

                           -any projects assigned during the quarter ☺

               b) Quizzes       (35%)

                           - expect daily quizzes on assigned textbook readings

                           - a consistent commitment to reading is the key to success! 

               TO MAINTAIN THE INTEGRITY OF COLLEGE BOARD MATERIALS AND COPYRIGHTED TEXTBOOK MATERIALS, EXAMS AND QUIZZES WILL NOT BE RETURNED FOR STUDENTS TO KEEP.  Students may also attend extra help sessions where they will have complete acess to their exams and quizzes.  Any questions, essays, or exams already released by College Board can be returned to students 

               c) Graded assignments/Classwork Activities/ Document assignments (10%)

                           -full credit for assignments handed in the day they are due

                           -late assignments are accepted, but penalized 

    **Grade are consistently updated on SchoolTool; printed grade sheets will also be distributed periodically**

    Helpful Hints

    1. Find a "Study Buddy" in this class or in any of the other APUSH class
    2. Nightly reading is the key to success.
    3. Taking notes as you read helps you in many ways
           a. allows you to better prepared for a possible quiz
           b. gives you a comprehensive outline for the chapter exam
           c. provides you with a series of outline notes for larger assessments including the           midterm and AP Exam
    4. Note taking can be done on the posted review sheets for each chapter or you may wish to utilize the Cornell method.
    5. The AMSCO review book can be a helpful addition to your nightly reading,  NOT A SUBSTITUTION !
    6. ASK FOR HELP.  Welcome to a course with college expectation where the responsibility to seek help is yours.  See me after class and we can pick a time to meet to talk about note taking strategies, DBQ and Essay writing or any other course related difficulty I will give you as much help as I can.    

    Contacts and References:

    E-Mail                ohagank@gcufsd.net       

    Phone                 (516)478-2505