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    WELCOME !  

            Global History is a two-year curriculum that is mandated by the State of New York and offered to students in grades 9 and 10.  The Global History curriculum represents a dramatic change from the way the history of the world has been taught in the past.  Students will now study history through a chronological approach in order to recognize the relationships between events in one part of the world and discover how they affected other areas. 


    Materials:  You will need to bring with you everyday:

    1.  3 Ring Loose-leaf Binder                         3.  Pens (Blue or black ink)

    2.  A Hi-liter                                                  4.  3 Dividers        5. 300 3X5 index cards


            You are expected to be in class, ON TIME, and ready to work everyday.  Lateness to class will result in a detention.  You are responsible for all material taught and work missed during any absence from class.  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is to be turned in your first day back to class.  If you arrive late to school it is YOUR responsibility to see me to hand in your assignments and pick up anything you missed in class. It is not my responsibility to remind you of missed assignments.   

    REMEMBER - If you are illegally absent the day of an exam, you will automatically receive a zero. 


            Homework will be assigned and collected on a daily basis.  All homework should be done in your loose-leaf binder.  On occasion, pop quizzes will be given to check your understanding of the material.  Daily homework assignments may be made up, for half credit, as long as we are still studying the corresponding topic.  However, it must be made up in an extra help session before school.  Major assignments can be made up within one week of their due date. 


    Your name                                                     Assignment #

    Mr. Finnell                                                    Date

    Assignment (page, etc.)




            Your grade for each marking period will be determined by the following:

    1. TESTS, ESSAYS & DBQ’S: 60%

    2. HOMEWORK: 20%

    3. QUIZZES: 20%


    If you try your best, do the assigned work, take notes, respect others right to learn, and have a positive attitude, you will do very well.  Frequent lateness to class will result in an early morning detention.  Rude behavior, such as talking out of turn, talking while I am talking, or while another student is talking will not be tolerated.  Further actions, such as detention or referral will be taken if necessary. 


            At the end of your sophomore year you will take the Global History Regents, which will cover all of the material from 9th and 10th grade.  Therefore, it is essential that you keep up with the work at ALL times.  I am looking forward to working with you this year.

            After you read and understand these rules, please sign the bottom of this sheet.  Please have a parent or guardian sign it as well.  This sheet is due on Friday, September 9th.

    Students’ Name (print):_________________________________________________

    Student’s Signature:____________________________________________________

    Dear Parents,

            I am pleased that your child is in my class this year.  During the first week of school we will be getting acquainted with each other as well as familiar with the rules governing our classroom.  I have already discussed this plan with your child.  I would appreciate if you would read through the Course Requirements and Expectations and sign the form below. Thank you for your support.


                                                                    Mr. Finnell

    Parent/Guardian Name:_________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________________