• Global History & Geography II

    Liberty Leading the People, Eugene Delacroix


    Welcome to the Stratis Sphere for students of 10th Grade Global History & Geography at Garden City High School. You will find a List of Lessons and a Homework Assignment List for each quarter using the appropriate links. This site will continue to be made available for student notification and will often be under construction and revision. Any suggestions for the website? Notify Dr. Stratis at stratism@gcufsd.net.

    Goals & Purposes:    

    Global History is designed to provide students with the opportunity to challenge their knowledge while building the habits of mind and skills necessary for historical analysis. The purpose of the course is to study the history of the world through global movements by looking at the “big picture” and examining specific case studies as they apply. It is also an academic prerequisite for meeting the new New York State Board of Regents Examination requirements.

    Habits of Mind and Skill Objectives:
    1. Construct and evaluate arguments; use evidence to make plausible arguments.
    2. Use documents and other primary data to analyze point of view, context and bias, and to understand and interpret information.
    3. Assess issues of change and continuity over time.
    4. Understand the diverse interpretations of history through analysis of context, point of view, and frame of reference.
    5. Describe global patterns and processes over time.
    6. Make comparisons within and among societies.
    7. Connect local developments to global ones and make generalizations from global events to the particular.


    Text: World History, Pearson - Prentice Hall
    One section in a three ring binder with loose leaf and folder
    Dividers with 3 Tabs
    Pack of Index Cards
    Memory Stick (optional)
    Highlighters (optional)
    Online Access to Textbook:
    Username Global2019
    Password GH2019


    In this course you will be evaluated on a variety of assignments. Each assignment will have a predetermined percentage value, which serves as the makeup of your grade. The following assignments can be expected this year:          

    Tests and Quizzes – Tests will always be announced in advance. If you are absent, you must make up the test/quiz the day you return (unless of course if your absence is prolonged). Quizzes will be announced and based on nightly reading or class work from the preceding day(s).

    Midterm and Regents Exams - Midterm exams will take place in the third week of January (valued at 8% of your final grade). The Regents exam will take place in the third-fourth week of June (20% of final grade).

    Essays - A variety of essays will be assigned including Enduring Issues Essays and Paired Documents Short Answer Sections.

    Projects -Projects may be assigned throughout the year and will vary in nature. Projects may require individual or group collaboration.

    Homework - A variety of assignments will be given weekly. Homeworks that follow instructions and are satisfactory will receive a 5/5 grade. Any shortcomings will lead to point reduction. The teacher has the discretion to grant some flexibility depending on the circumstances surrounding late work. Students must use a standard heading when presenting each homework:

    Garden City High School                                          Name:
    Global History/Date                                                 Stratis

                                                          HW #

    Weighted Averages:  A student’s quarter grade will be determined by the following weighted averages:

    Examinations/Essays       50%
    Quizzes/Projects              30%
    Homeworks                      20%

    Looseleaf Binder - All notes, outlines, handouts, quizzes, tests, homework, etc. should be included in your loose leaf binder and is required in class every day.

    Plagiarism and Academic Integrity - You are expected to do your own work at all times. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the homework, project, essay or test in question and will be calculated into your quarter average.

    Classroom Behavior and Participation:

    Come to class on time, prepared with the necessary assignments and materials; be ready to work when the bell rings. Participate actively and constructively in groups, during class discussions and in debates. Listen to and respect your classmates.

    Develop and utilize good time management skills.

    Attendance Policy:

    The attendance policy conforms to school and district policy. When absent, you are responsible for all missed work (notes, homework, tests, etc.). You must take the initiative to find out what was missed.

    It is strongly advised that you exchange numbers/email with at least one (1) other student in the class in the event that you are absent. You may of course contact me by email for any clarification or notification.

    Classroom Rules:

    Use of the Pass:  In the case of an emergency, a corridor pass will be issued to a student for access to the lavatory, the nurse, guidance or main offices.

    • No hats, cell phones, iPods or “Offensive Clothing”
    • No Food or Drink (Unless Otherwise Permitted)
    • No Dress Code Violations

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