• Global History and Geography II 10 R

    Ms. Alvarez-Mazzella   
     Room 140

    Chinese Dragon

    Textbook: World  History  (Pearson: Prentice Hall; 2011)


    Course Description:

    Global History II is a continuation of Global History and Geography I Regents curriculum.  Our study involves a chronological approach to World History.  

    Semester 1:

    This semester begins with the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, the existence of absolute monarchies and their dissolution via internal conflicts  (i.e., the English Civil War and the French Revolution.)  We study the industrial revolution and its global impact in the form of imperialism and nationalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  We examine the rise of global powers, alliance systems and resulting world conflicts (i.e., World War I.)  We also examine the economic theories of laissez faire, Marxism and communism.  

    Semester 2:

    This semester begins with World War II, and its aftermath, that is, the Cold War conflict involving the democratic United States vs. the communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union.  We examine the impact of World War II in the nationalist movements and de-colonization of  Africa and Asia and the Chinese Revolution of 1949.    We review  the Middle East conflict and its present circumstances.  We study post-World War II Latin America, its economic successes, failures and the recent achievement of pro-democracy movements in this region.  Our study culminates with the end of the Cold War era and the challenges the world faces with the rise of nationalist and ethnic conflicts in Eastern Europe.  Beginning in mid May we examine global problems and begin our review for the June Global History and Geography II Regents which includes material from both Global History  I & II.

    This course encourages the students to view an area's geography, political and social structure and see how these factors influence the daily lives and history of the people they are studying.


    Course Requirements:


    Students are expected to come to class daily with the following: 

    1. A  single subject looseleaf binder for social studies

    2. A blue or black pen and a #2 pencil; 2 highlighters

    3. Homework assignments- students will not be permitted to go to their lockers 
        once class begins

    *** Arriving to class unprepared will result in a lower quarter grade.***


    Daily assignments are listed on the board (under the heading 10 R) and students should copy the assignment as soon as they arrive in class.

    Homework is collected and corrected.

    Students who are absent are responsible for handing in their assignments when they return.
    The homework is posted on the web, under 10R; however, computer glitches and a downed server can sometimes interfere with the teacher's ability to post assignments. Therefore, students are expected to take the initiative and to contact a classmate to find out the homework assignment, thus ensuring that the students are prepared for class.

    Tests and Quizzes:

    Unit tests approximately every 2 1/2 weeks

    Occasional quizzes will cover material from the nightly reading assignments


     ***Students who are scheduled to attend a field trip or other activity the day of a scheduled exam must inform me of this activity and make arrangements to take the exam prior to attending the activity.***

    ***Students who are absent the day of a scheduled exam are expected to sit for the exam the first day they return to class.  I

    ***If a student misses an exam because of tardiness or a field trip , they are expected to show up at 2:45pm in Room 140 to take the missed exam.



    Grading Policy:

    Homework                                                                             20%  
    Tests/ Projects                                                                      50%
    Quizzes                                                                                 30%                                  



    Projects include but are not limited to the following items: posters, current events, Regents style document based essays, oral presentations.


    Class Participation:  students are to report to class on time with their notebook and homework assignments.  Students are expected to take an active part in discussions by raising their hands when they want to respond.

    Academic Integrity
    Students are expected to complete their own work at all times.  Failure to do so will result in a zero for the homework, project, essay or test in question and the zero will be calculated into the student's average.

    Extra Help Sessions every Thursday at 7:05 AM in Room 140