Social Studies

    When studying, the notes that we take in school should be reviewed.  They act as a study guide.  An additional study guide may be provided (see below) to help students focus on key ideas.
    Topics of Study

    I. Map Skills
       Study Guide
    II. Government 
    New York State Senate Website
    New York State Assembly Website

    Congress Website
    Government Vocabulary 
    -These words will be due on a date specified by Mr. Madden and written in the students' planners (also in Google Classroom)

    Government Study Guide (also in Google Classroom)

    Bonus (show Mr. Madden for an extra 2 points on the test):

    Who is pictured at the bottom of the study guide? ___________________________


    What is he a symbol of (for 2 more points)? ________________________

    III. The First People of New York
    Study Guide for the test

    There will also be an open-book essay given on a separate day.  The date will not be given.

    IV. Colonial New York
    Vocabulary for Ch. 4
    There will be an open-book essay written about the explorers
     (lesson 1).  The date will not be given. 




        There will be an open-book assessment given on New Netherland and Colonial New York (Lessons 2-4).  These questions will require deeper thinking about the material.  Use the study guide below to review specific topics.

        Study Guide
        There will be a third open-book assessment in which the children will use various text features to gather information and write an essay about their findings. The date will not be given. 

    V. Revolution in New York
            Use everything in your binder for ch. 5 as your study guide