• All students in the Band Program are required to obtain and wear formal black and white uniform attire for public performances. In addition to the traditional white tuxedo shirt and black dress pants, gentlemen will wear a black bow tie and black cummerbund. For a variety of reasons, including exact sizing and increased shipping fees, it is no longer cost effective for the district to order concert attire on the students’ behalf. Tuxedo shirts, black bow ties and cummerbunds are readily available and may be purchased at the clothing store of your choice.

    Ladies will wear outfits which are solid black. They may wear a black, floor-length dress or skirt with a long sleeve black top with black dress pants and black stockings. Black jeans or yoga pants are not acceptable. Students who perform in the choral program may wear their concert dresses for band performances.

    All students will wear black dress shoes. Gentleman must wear black socks. Ladies should wear low heels to ease walking across the stage. 

    Please be certain to obtain your attire well in advance of the scheduled concert performances. Feel free to contact your child’s music teacher should there be any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

    Thank you for your support and assistance.