• K and 1st Grade CURRICULUM
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    Lesson #1:   Physical Education, Safety Rules and Expectations
                Spacial Awareness and Body Awareness
               Soap Bubbles
    Students will know…                                                   
                Locomotor skills                                                       
                Body Identification                                
                Body and Spatial Awareness                                   
                Color and shape concepts
    Students will do…
    Group games/Individual acitivities
    Cooperative Games
    Body Awareness Activities
    Assessment Tasks: 
    Observable Sportsmanlike Behavior (Authentic)
    Lesson #1:  Discussion of self space (personal space).  To learn to move safely through space
              -  Name game
    Locomotor Express- to increase students awareness of personal space and
    ability to perform locomotor skills
    - -  Soap Bubbles- To identify self space and to move safely through general space
    -  What is personal/open space?
    Lesson #2: Directionality/Locomotor Skills
              -  Builders and Bulldozers-Warm-up Activity
              -  Frog Pond- To practice locomotor skills and move safely through space
    -  Introduce Exercises: Jumping Jacks, Alphabet Push-ups and Agility Jumps
    -  How do you skip? Gallop? Jog?
    Lesson #3: Cooperative Games/Spacial Awareness Lesson
    Stuck in the Mud (Tunnel Tag)-warm-up activities
    People to People- Identification of body parts
    -  Introduce Exercises: Mountain climbers, pretzel push-ups, crab push-ups
    -  Who can identify the different body parts?
    Lesson #4: Body Awareness Activities/Color- Shape Concepts
    Tower Tag-warm-up activity
    Run and Touch- Identify shapes and colors using different locomotor skills
    -  Body Balance- Maintain balance with body still
    -  Introduce Exercises: Star jump, wall push-ups, sit-ups
    - What does balance mean?
    Students will know…                                                   
              How to Manipulate Bean Bags, Hula Hoops, Jump Ropes and Balls
              Body Part Recognition
              How to properly and safely use equipment
    Students will do…
              Balancing on body parts
    Throwing, catching, rolling, spinning
              Increase Eye-Hand Coordination
             Fitness Activities
             Low Organizational and Cooperative Activities
    Assessment Tasks: 
    Teacher Observation (Authentic)
     Lesson #1:  Bean Bags (Manipulatives)
    -      Bean Bag Fitness Exchange Warm-up
    -      Balance on Body Parts- Different levels and Different Speeds
    -      Rescue Game Cooperative Activity
    Lesson #2: Bean Bags
    -  Five Noses Warm-up
    -  Catching and Throwing Skills
    -  Challenge Through Exploration
    Bean Bag Partner Games Reversability
    -Waterfall Catch and Drop
    Lesson #1: HulaHoops
    -Locomotor express- locomotor skills and body identification
     Number Body Parts- Body Identification
    Lesson #2: Hula Hoops
    -  Bumper cars-
    - Exploration With The Hoop
    - Poison Hoop
    Lesson #1: Jump Rope
    - Different Locomotor Skills Around The Jump Rope
    -  Jump Rope Shapes
    -  Proper Technique Jump Rope Skills
    Lesson #2: Jump Rope
    Over Under and I'm Tall I'm Small
    -  Numbers and Letters and Shapes- Children have to form the figures properly
    -  Proper Technique Jump Rope Skills
    Lesson #1: Scooters
    - Safety and Proper Technique
    -  Different Body Parts on the Scooter
    Snakes In The Grass
    Lesson #2: Scooters
    Scooter Cars- cooperative
    -  Horse And Buggy- Cooperative Game
    Scooterville- Fitness Game
    Unit 3:Ball Skills
    Students will know…
              Proper Overhand and Underhand Throwing and Rolling (Bowling), Throwing and Receiving Techniques and Dribbling.
    Students will do...
              Increase eye-hand coordination
              Demonstrate proper technique and control in the various skills
               Cooperation during individual and small group activities
    Assessment Tasks...
    Observable Sportsmanlike Behavior (Authentic)
    Lesson #1:  Dribbling (bounce catch)
                Exercise Circuit -warm-up  
              Individual ball skills: Bounce catch at different levels with control
                                            Bounce catch stationary/traveling
                                            Individual challenges
               Introduction to dribbling:  demonstrate proper technique
                                            Different levels/stationary/travel
                                            Dominant/non-dominant hand
    Lesson #2:  Rolling (bowling)
                 Sliders- warm-up
                Introduction: Demonstrate proper technique (bowling rules)
                                            Partner/small group activities
                                            Bowling stations (Math skills-basic scoring)
                  Pinball- cooperative game
     Lesson #3& #4:  Throwing and Receiving Skills
                     Steal the Scarf-warm-up              
                 Introduction: Demonstrate proper technique for underhand and overhand throw:
    Students will know…
    Students will do…
      Personal and social responsibility (Sharing, Conflict Resolution)
    Assessment Tasks: 
    Lesson #1:  Intro Volleyball Bump
    Lesson #2: 
    Lesson #3: 
    esson #4: 
    Students will know…
              Clearing the Ball to the Sides on Defense, Centering
              What is a Crease?
              Correct Hand Position on a Hockey Stick
    Students will do…               
    Lesson #1:
    Lesson #2: 
    Students will know…
    Unit 8: Volleyball
    Students will know…
    Students will do…
                Partner activities
                Basic rules        
     Lesson #1: Introduce Volleyball
    1:  Intro Volleyball Bump
            -  Warm-up Balloon Buddy (Exercises with the Balloon)
            -  Volleyball intro, What type of ball is used for volleyball? and what do we hit the ball over?
            - Individual keep the balloon up Rt. hand Lt hand, different body parts ( no hands)
            - Individual bump, Partner bump,
            -Individual Set, Partner Set
             -Moonball  (keep the balloon up small group)
    Lesson #2:  Review Bump and Set
            -  Review bump cues, partner toss and catch on outstretched arms
            -  Partner Toss and Bump
            -  Setting Cues: 1- Athletic Position, Spider Hands Above Forehead, Squat & Dive
    Students will know…
         Counting Beats
         Respect for Others
    Students will do…
         Social Dance                           
         Line Dance                              
         Square Dance
    Assessment Tasks:    
         Social Responsibility (Authentic)
    Lesson #1:  Cooperation and Listening (Social Responsibility) Using Parachute
         -  What does it take for the class to be successful when doing parachute activities?
         -  Waves, Housekeeper Game, Igloo, Alligator, Jell-o, Cloud, Mountain Climber, Dice, Mushroom, Popcorn
    Lesson #2:  Country Dance (Square Dancing)
         -  Benefits of Dance, Official Dance of USA
         -  Cotton-Eyed Joe Warm-up
         -  Square Dance Groups Learning Calls (circle r/l, do-si-do, swing, into the center, double arm swing)
         -  Peanut Butter and Jelly Game (if time)
    Lesson #3:  Social Dances
         -  Cotton-Eyed Joe Re-Visited
         -  Follow-The Leader Dance (Club Med)
         -  Cha Cha Slide, Hamster Dance, Washing Machine Mixer
    Lesson #4:  Cooperative Movement Challenges
         -  Rocky's Training Test
         -  Locomotion Add On
         -  Limbo Stick
         -  Tail Tag (if Time)
    Students will know…   
                Base of Support                      
                Center of Gravity                     
                Safety for Self and Others
      Respect for Self and Others
    Students will do…
                Movement Exploration
      Strength Activities                    
                  Body Awareness Activities                  
                Balance Activities
      Flexibility Activities
      Positions (Tuck, Pike, Straddle)
    Students will know…               
      Problem Solving                      
                Team Roles                             
                Conflict Resolution
    Students will do…
                Team Roles
                Problem Solving Activities
    Assessment Tasks:
    Observed Cooperative Behaviors (Authentic)       
    Lesson #1:  Intro to Survivor Island, Problem Solving and Cooperation
         -  Explain what a problem solving activity consists of and explain the obstacles
         -  Explain the rules of the group and the role of the leader
         -  Hand out leader medallions, map and pencil
         -  Complete 3-4 obstacles
    Lesson #2:  Complete Survivor Island
         -  Define the leadership role again