• Homework Schedule Pattern   

    To help students become more responsible and independent, the homework assignment schedule has a specific set pattern: 
    (** See your child's planner for specific daily assignments)

    Monday - Friday: Read 20 minutes & fill in Reading Log
                            (Signed Reading Log is due Friday.)

    Monday:    (Spelling packet is given out Friday & is self-paced.)
                     Vocabulary workbook page
                     Grammar workbook page
    Tuesday:    (Spelling)
                          Vocabulary workbook page
    (Study for Vocabulary test)
                       **Social Studies or Science page possible** 

    Wednesday:   (Spelling)
                         Vocabulary workbook page


    Thursday:     (Spelling) **Also study for spelling test**
                        Vocabulary workbook page
                          **Social Studies or Science worksheet possible**
                                Reading Log is due on Friday.
                        (It should have reading times for the week
    filled in beginning the previous Friday, including Saturday and Sunday & be signed by a parent.)  Goal is 20 minutes x 7 days
    Friday:        Return signed Friday Flyer on Monday

                            (Be sure to return signed tests, reading comprehension packet, and essay)

     ** A Monthly Reading Response Packet will be given out on the first of each month and will be due on the last school day of that month.  It will require 6 short written responses to reading done at home.  Students have the flexibility to complete the 6 entries at any time during the month that they choose.

    (English Language Arts, Grammar, Social Studies, & Science homework may be given at various times to support work done in class.  In addition, book report projects will be given every month.  Some longer term assignments will be given with specific dues dates a week or more later.  Due dates are always given when an assignment is given out.)