• Choose one question from the options below and answer it on your book report form.  Your answers must contain supporting details from the book.

    1.  Does this book remind you of another book you have read?  How are the two books alike?  

    2.  Select a character from the book.  Pretend you are that character.  Tell how you would have done something differently.

    3.  Make a prediction about what will happen to one of the characters in the future.

    4.  Describe something that happened in the book that you would like to have happen to you.

    5.  Describe an important decision that a character had to make.  Would you have made the same one?  Why or why not?

    6.  Which character would you not want to be?  Imagine if you had to change places with that person.  

    7.  Which character would you like to be friends with?  What traits do they have that you admire?

    8.  Write a letter to a friend telling them why they should read this book.

    9.  How did this book make you feel?  Mention the scenes that really "stuck" with you.

    10.  Which character would you like to switch places with for a week?  How would your life change or become better?

    11.  Did anything that happened in this book remind you of something that has happened in your life?  Explain.

    12.  Describe one of the problems in the book.  How was it solved?

    13.  Which character was your favorite?  Why?

    14.  In what ways did the main character change from the beginning of the book until the end?

    15.  Think of an alternate ending for the book.

    16.  Name one important thing that happened in the book that could happen in real life.

    17.  Describe a present you would like to buy a character in the book.  Why did you choose that item?

    18.  Is there a character who reminds you of someone you know?  What similarities do they share?

    19.  What would you like to say to one of the characters in the book?  Put it in the form of a friendly letter.

    20.  Why do you think the author wrote this book?  What message do you think the author wanted to send?

    21.  If you were to write a sequel to the book, what would it be about?  Would the original problem return?

    22.  What was the story's main conflict?  Do the characters solve the problem they faced or do they fail?  Explain.

    23.  Pick your favorite setting in the book.  Describe it in detail.  Why is it your favorite?

    24.  Imagine that the setting of the book had been different.  Would the story have changed?  In what ways?

    25.  Would you recommend this book?  Give ratings to the characters, setting, plot and moral.  Explain why you rated the way you did.

    26.  If you could give the main character a new superpower, what would it be?  How would it help with the character's problem?

    27.  How would the book have changed if YOU entered the book as one of the main characters?

    28.  Choose an option not listed and ask me if it will work for you!