• Mrs. DiMartino's Vocabulary                           Unit 9
    You will be tested on these words on Wednesday, December 11th.
    1.  brisk
    2.  cherish
    3.  considerate
    4.  displace
    5.  downfall
    6.  estimate
    7.  humiliate
    8.  identical

    9.  improper

    10. poll
    11. soothe
    12. vicinity

    **For units in the Vocabulary Workshop workbook, the definitions are already provided in the book.   *** Visit the website vocabularyworkshop.com for online resources to help you study.  The Student Access code is inside your workbook.

    **For Language Arts words, you may look up the definitions for the words in a regular dictionary.
    **For Social Studies words, use your social studies textbook glossary, Biographical Dictionary, and Gazetteer to look up the definitions of the words.
    **For Science words, use the glossary in your science textbook to look up the words.

    Write the words and definitions on loose leaf paper.  (Be sure to include a heading at the top of the page.)