• Grading Policy:
    Approximately every 2-3 weeks students will take a performance assessment worth 20 points.  These assessments will total 50% of the quarter grade. The other 50%  of the grade is earned through class participation, both live and virtual.

    Virtual extra help is given at the student's request....Ms. DeMarco and Mrs. Menges are always available to help - just ask!

  • Introduction to Acoustic Guitar is an 8th grade elective class.  The purpose of this class is to provide group and individual instruction in acoustic guitar.  Each student is assigned a school-owned guitar and will be the only student to play it.  Students may sign the guitars out for at-home practice.

     In this class, students learn how to read music, perform in an ensemble setting, to play chords and songs in an encouraging, stimulating environment.  Prior experience is not necessary.  This year we are exploring the option of an end-of-the-year virtual video performance in lieu of a traditional concert setting.  Details to follow!