• Biology: The Living Environment

     Honors Course Description

    Instructor: Mr. Dunleavy

    Room: 210

    Welcome to Living Environment Honors. This course will be a most challenging and, hopefully, rewarding experience. In order to maximize your achievement in this course, you should consider the following:

    I. Grading Structure:

    • Exams: will comprise 60% of your quarterly grade. Exams will be administered at the end of a unit & average 25-30 multiple-choice questions plus a short answer section.
    • Quizzes: will comprise 20% of your quarterly grade. Quizzes will average 15-20 multiple choice questions & be administered periodically throughout a unit.
    • Homework:  will comprise 10% of your quarterly grade & will serve to preview/reinforce the concepts presented in class.  All assignments are due the day after they are assigned & must be submitted the period you have class. Missing assignments will result in the deduction of points from your homework grade and therefore from your quarter average.  Late HW assignments will not be accepted and homework cannot be ‘made-up’!
    • Labs: will comprise 10% of your quarterly grade. All lab reports are due the day after their completion in class unless otherwise specified. Lab reports which require a more detailed formal write-up will be due 5 days after completion. All students must satisfactorily complete 20 hours (1200 min) of laboratory work during the course of the year to be eligible to take the Regents exam in June.

    II. Absences:  Any missed exams, quizzes or labs must be made up after school during extra help sessions immediately upon your return to school following an absence. Failure to make up missed exams & quizzes by the end of a marking period will result in a zero. Failure to make up labs within 5 school days of your return to school will result in a zero (0). HW is due the day of your return to school.


     III. Extra Help: I am available on Tuesdays or as announced after school in Room 210. Do not hesitate to see me if you are having difficulty with subject matter or must make up missed assignments.

    IV. Materials: You must bring the following materials to class EVERYDAY. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of your quarterly grade:

    • Notebook (3-ring binder)
    • Student Guide(s)
    • Pen or Pencils
    • Calculator

    V. Lateness to Class: You will be permitted 3 unexcused lates per quarter. Detention will be assigned for each additional lateness. Detention will be served after school on the day it is assigned. Failure to do so will carry a 3-demerit penalty (see student handbook). 


    VI. Class Conduct: You will be expected to work quietly & diligently in class. There should be no talking among students while class is in session. Unsatisfactory conduct will result in disciplinary action as outlined in your student handbook.


    VII. Food & Drinks: for sanitary reasons, food & drinks are NOT permitted in class under any circumstances.