• College Spanish 4 Grading Policy
    Please know that College Spanish 4 will be graded using the total points method.  
    Students will earn points throughout each quarter in the following categories:

    Projects / Presentations /

    Writing Assigments

    Tests / Quizzes

    Class Participation 


    Please be advised that since this is a college course, if your child is taking this course for college credit, he/she will receive a grade on the GCHS report card as well as an official grade report from SJU with letter grade equivalents.  They are as follows:

    A    =    96-100%

    A-   =    90-95

    B+  =    87-89

    B    =    83-86

    B-   =    80-82

    C+  =    77-79

    C    =    73-76

    C-   =    70-72

    D+  =    65-69

    D    =    60-64

    F    =     Below 60

  • Español 4 - Curso Universitario

    Course Overview- Throughout this course, the following topics will be covered:


    The Culture of Spain & Latin America


                     Historical Background



                     Music and Dance




    The Study of the Language

                     Pronunciation Review


                     Grammar Review


                     Listening Comprehensions

                     Current Events


  • Google (GAFE) & Remind

    • Both Google and Google Applications for Education (GAFE) will be used throughout this course.  This will be discussed further in class. However, please know that checking your “Google Classroom” everyday needs to become part of your daily educational routine.
    • Google Classroom will be used throughout this course for important announcements, reminders and online lessons.  
    • Class codes for these applications will be given at a later time during class.


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