Extra Help:  Fridays @ 7:45 am
     Meet in student cafeteria.
    •                                                  my.hrw.com

       How to log on to the online math textbook:
      1.   Enter your username as:  gcms(student ID#).
               Ex) gcms012345 
      2.  Enter your password as: (student ID #).
                Ex) 012345
    •                                    castlelearning.com

      How to log on to castlelearning...
      1.  Enter your username as:  gcms-(1st 3 letters of your first name and 1st 6 letters of your last name).
            Ex) gcms-kriorrego
      2.  If this is your first time visiting the website, hit enter when prompted for a password.
      3.  You will be directed to a page to establish a password.