• Course: Orchestra (8140 ) Full year-1 credit

    Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite: Audition and or approval of the orchestra director and music dept.

    Overview of Course

    The String Orchestra rehearses daily throughout the year. The repertoire represents a diversity of traditional, contemporary and multicultural music. In addition to the daily rehearsals, attendance is mandatory at group lessons, dress rehearsals, assemblies and concerts. Students are encouraged to take private lessons and to perform NYSSMA solos that can lead to selection for the Long Island String Festival, All-County and All-State Orchestras. Students enrolled in Orchestra may participate in performance-oriented field trips. This course fulfills the New York State Regents requirement for one credit in music and may be used towards obtaining a Regents sequence in music.

    Instructional Philosophy

    Through how organized sounds move and interrelate, the Garden City Public Schools Music Department strives to heighten, sustain, refine, and extend human emotional life while engaged in the struggle to create beauty.

    Knowledge and Skills Objectives

    · Students will become fluent in the language of music (terminology).

    · Students will become increasingly able to follow the signs, signals and emotional communication of the conductor.

    · Students will understand historical setting and its impact on repertoire.

    · Students will develop the technical facility to successfully execute music of substantial difficulty (including Levels 5 & 6 NYSSMA)

    · Students will be able to understand the emotion inherent in the music and express it technically.

    · Students will begin to “think musically” and consequently participate in musical decisions that determine musical outcomes.

    · Students will strengthen sight reading skills by exposure to large amounts of music literature.

    · Students will learn correct concert decorum.

    Units of Study

    The selection of repertoire culminating in the Winter and Spring Concerts will be taken from the styles and periods below. Choice of repertoire from the list rotates so that students are exposed to a wide variety of music.






    Modern (atonal)

    Modern (tonal)


    American Standards



    American Spiritual

    American/English Folk Music


    Major Resources

    Music Scores and parts


    The following is a sample of method books used as needed: