Cohort Group

The following faculty members have received extensive training in the Understanding by Design process of unit planning.  Please feel free to contact the members of this cohort group if  you have any questions or need assistance.

High School: Jeannette Balantic, Curriculum Coordinator- Social Studies ( )
Michael Berg, World Languages Department (
Diane Dolan, English Department (
Monica Mejia, Social Studies Department (
Kathryn Rigley, Special Education Department (
Peter Santoro, Mathematics Department (
Middle School:  Stacey DeCillis, Social Studies Department (
Erica Fregosi, Social Studies Department ( )
Dina Reilly, World Languages Department (
David Strauzer, World Languages Department (
Alison Wallace, Social Studies Department (
Paris Zaferiou, Science Department (

Elementary:  Destiny Braddick, Stewart School (
Tom Corso, Stewart School (
Robyn Madden, Stratford School (
Lauren Maguire, Stewart School (
Victoria Tomasheski, Stewart School (
Primary:  Jessica Crofton, Locust School ( )
Brant Kasschau, Homestead/Locust (
Jennifer LaLima, Primary/Elementary (
Heather Little, Primary (
Amy Sullivan, Hemlock (
Kristen Thompson, Homestead School ( )