Introduction to Smartboards

Introducation to Smartboards

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Smart Educator Resources

Lesson Development:

Notebook Activity Guide to help you develop creative and interactive lesson activities

Using Smartboards and Smart Software:

Live Online training sessions
Free, 30-minute online conferences for basics of SMART product functions.

Printable Training Materials

Hands-on Practices

These practical exercises take you step by step through the process of learning more about Notebook software.

Using Notebook Software in the School Office (PDF 371 KB - Windows only)
This practical exercise will show you how to use the features in Notebook software to import graphics, text and multimedia files so you can create and deliver engaging presentations for your school meetings.

Quick Reference Guides

These guides provide detailed information about how to use specific tools and features of Notebook software. Keep them handy for easy reference.

Working with Notebook Software Gallery Collections (PDF 355 KB - Windows only)
This guide will teach you how to create graphic-rich content using the Gallery collections available in Notebook software.

Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software (PDF 212 KB - Windows only)
In this guide, you’ll learn how to add images and files from other applications to your Notebook pages. You’ll also find out how to share Notebook content with others.

Notebook Software Activity Guide (PDF 347 KB - Windows only)
The activity guide is a useful reference document that highlights best practices for creating and presenting lesson activities using Notebook software.


Online Professional Resources
Browse this list of websites to find free, curriculum-related resources.

Notebook Lessons
Hundreds of teacher-created lessons using Smartboard Notebook software, organized by subject and grade level. Use Notebook software lesson activities in your classroom, or modify them to meet your needs.

Good Practices
Find out how SMART Exemplary Educators use their favorite tools and applications with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard for more effective teaching.

Notebook Software Collections 
Download curriculum-relevant templates and images for lessons created in Notebook software.



Interactive Web Sites by Subject


Other Smart Sites


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