Public Information
Coordinator of Public Information
Catherine Knight
516 478-1079

Summary of 2011 National School Public Relations Communications Survey

    The Office of Public Information coordinates with members of the Garden City School District and the Garden City community to facilitate communications, publications and events within the district.

Effective School District Public Relations:

· is an evolving social science and leadership process utilizing multimedia approaches designed to build goodwill, enhance the public’s attitude toward the value of education, augment interaction and two-way symmetrical communication between schools and their ecosystems, provide vital and useful information to the public and employees, and play an integral role in planning and decision-making functions (Kowalski, 2008).

· Keeps lines of communication open to enhance district’s profile and facilitate educational goals.

· Publicizes upcoming events.

· Shares good news!

· Presents comprehensive reporting of district activities to the community/region.


Staff Guidelines for Submitting News/Information:

· Please share your activities & good news! If you need coverage, kindly contact me ahead of time, I will attend /photograph/interview, etc.

· Submit your own information/release in timely manner (Word doc or email).

· Submitted releases/information should include:

             WHO – your name, grade(s), content area (any sponsors?)


             WHEN—date and time

             WHERE— school/location

             WHY—frame purpose of lesson/event importance

             ADDT’L—quote from teacher; student/parent; photo images

· Photos should be high resolution—email

                          captioned images (candid & posed).

· Weekly deadline for submissions of releases is Tuesday for the following week’s papers.


· Media outlets: GC News, GC Life, Patch, Newsday, Scope’s FORUM, NYSSBA’s On Board, News 12/Channel 55, etc., & the district web site.

· All buildings receive GC News and GC Life.

·  Clipping/copying and hanging published articles in visible area provides a second PR opportunity.