Budget Information
Find links below to budget information and presentations:

Budget 2014-2015

2014-2015 Budget Calendar.pdf
Budget Overview and Revenue FINAL.pdf
 2014-2015 GCPS Proposed Budget

 Budget Non-instructional components 2-25-14.pdf

 2014-2015 Updated Proposed Budget

            Budget Instruction Part I 3-4-14.pdf              

    2014-2015 Budget Brochure
Budget Instruction Part II 3-11-14.pdf

 6-Day Notice

Budget Adjustments 4-9-14.pdf

Budget Proposed for Adoption 4-23-14

2014/2015 Budget Hearing - 5-13-14

Budget 2013-2014

  Budget Overview and Revenue 2-13.pdf  
 2013-2014 Budget Calendar -- Revised 3-13.pdf  2013-14 Budget Non-Instructional Components 2-13.pdf  

 The Tax Certiorari Decision.pdf

Budget instruction Part I.pdf

2013-14 Budget Instructional Components Part II.pdf

Budget Summary.pdf


Budget Hearing 5-13.pdf

POA Budget Presentation 5-13.pdf

PTA Budget Presentation 5-13.pdf

Budget 2012-2013

     2012-2013 Budget Calendar

2012-2013 Budget Non-Instructional Components

2012-2013 Budget Public Hearing

 New York State Property Tax Cap Overview

2012-2013 Budget Instructional

Part I

POA 2012-2013 Budget Presentation 4-12 

Focus Group PowerPoint

POA 2012-2013 Budget Presentation 5-12

 Tax Cap Discussions with the PTA

PTA 2012-2013 Budget Presentation

2012-2013 Budget Overview and Revenues 

TMA 2012-2013 Budget Presentation


Budget 2011-2012

2011-2012 Budget Calendar


2011-12 Budget Summary Presentation 

POA 2011-12 Budget Presentation 

 2011-12 Budget Overview and Revenue

2011-12 Budget Review Session


2011-12 Budget Non-Instructional Components

2011-12 Budget Instruction Part I

2011-12 Budget Instruction Part II